Century eggs are safe or contaminated with lead?

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Century eggs are safe or contaminated with lead?

Century egg or pidan, also known as preserved egg, is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing.Some eggs have patterns near the surface of the egg white that are likened to pine branches, and that gives rise to one of its Chinese names, the pine-patterned egg.

One of our friends is very fond. Whenever I see an order Every menu must contain century eggs. Whether it’s basil with Stir Fried Celery. With Century Eggs Stir Fried Curry Paste with Egg Salad and many other menu. Items that never lack Eat until I wonder how often. Will it be harmful to the body or not? What are made from? Is there a way to observe century eggs that are safe for the body? ยูฟ่าเบท has gathered information for you.

What are century eggs?

Century eggs are a product of egg preservation. It’s like making salted eggs. That are pickled in salt. The food will preserve by covering with lime, tea leaves, salt and ashes. That are massaged with cold water. or alternatively, Soak in water containing a base solution containing lime, salt, soda ash, black tea and zinc oxide.

In addition to the aforementioned formula Some manufacturers may have a slightly different formula.

Century eggs dangerous?

Nowadays, there are some merchants. Who secretly use lead oxide. or sulfide into the mixture use to mask or soak. To help the egg become egg quickly. And see more results This can cause produced to contaminated with lead.

The dangers of lead in century eggs

If we often eat food contaminated with lead. may cause constipation And affect the abnormal functioning of the bone marrow cells, nervous system, kidneys, or may extend to the muscles, bones, wrists, ankles that may cause paralysis or brain swelling, seizures and possibly death.

But all of these These symptoms only occur after months of exposure to lead contaminated food. Therefore, if you do not eat contaminated with lead on a regular basis. enough to trust that it is not harmful to health much


How to notice century eggs contaminate with lead or not?

How to easily spot lead contamination is to observe the egg whites whether there is too much black or not May be a cloudy black appearance. Not a clear dark brown as you have seen. If this is not observe, it is assume. That contaminate with lead from the process of making century eggs.

How to eat to safe?

Choose a standard manufacturer and reliable in terms of quality The appearance of egg whites must be clear brown, not too black and not cloudy. In addition should eaten from many manufacturers. So as not to expose to certain substances continuously for too long. And finally, if it can avoide, you shouldn’t eat too often. You should choose to eat a variety of foods. Do not eat any type of food in a row for too long. In order for the body to receive a variety of nutrients sufficient for my lifestyle.