What is dengue fever? How should I prevent it?

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What is dengue fever? How should I prevent it?

What is dengue fever? How should I protect myself? This type of disease is a viral infection caused by the Dengue Virus, which is transmitted to humans. through the bite of infected mosquitoes Most of which are Aedes mosquitoes, commonly found in tropical and subtropical areas around the world. Especially in urban areas

Today, สมัคร ufabet will tell you about common symptoms, the spread of infection, and methods of prevention. of dengue fever are as follows:


Dengue fever usually presents with symptoms such as high fever (usually lasting 2 – 7 days), severe headache (usually behind the eyes), joint and muscle pain, fatigue, rash and light bleeding (such as nosebleeds). or bleeding gums), which in some cases the infection can develop into A more severe form called DHF or Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, which can be life-threatening.

  • spread of infection

dengue virus Most contact to humans through The bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, which is most active during the day, mosquitoes become infected with the virus. When they bite The infected person then passes it on to other people through subsequent bites.

Prevention of dengue fever Basically, Will take measures To reduce mosquito breeding and protect yourself from mosquito bites, here are some strategies. Some important protections

Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds

Mosquitoes are vectors that carry the dengue fever virus. They breed in standing water. Check the environment of your living area regularly and remove or manage breeding grounds. that may occur, such as

  • Remove standing water from containers, flower pots, buckets, and used tires.
  • Make sure that There is proper drainage from outdoor areas.
  • Close the lids of containers and water tanks.
  • Clean and change the water in pet bowls, vases, and birdbaths regularly.
  • Use mosquito repellent

Use mosquito repellent on exposed skin and clothing when spending time outdoors, especially During peak mosquito periods, such as dawn and dusk, try using a repellent that contains ingredients such as DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil, and follow the product’s instructions.

Wear protective clothing

Cover your skin as much as possible. By wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks and closed-toe shoes, especially in areas where mosquitoes are abundant if you want protection. more firmly Should consider Take care of your clothes. Permethrin which is an insect repellent that can be used with fabric

Use a mosquito net.

Sleep under a mosquito net, especially if you live in the area. with high prevalence of dengue fever or if there are mosquitoes in the house Make sure that The mosquito net is in good condition and properly tied to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

  • Protect your home By following the steps Here’s how to make your home not attract mosquitoes.
  • Install mosquito screens on windows and doors to keep out mosquitoes.
  • Use an air conditioner or fan to create air circulation, as mosquitoes are less likely to fly in moving air.
  • Use mosquito coils, insect sprays or vaporizers to repel or kill mosquitoes in your home, following product instructions and safety guidelines.
  • Community effort and cooperation

Promote efforts and cooperation in mosquito control. throughout the community, such as cleaning regular public areas, proper garbage disposal and awareness raising about protection Dengue fever

Importantly, these preventive measures do not apply only to dengue fever. only alone but also other diseases that are carried by mosquitoes. Receive news about the outbreak of dengue fever. in your area and follow advice from public health authorities. in the area for Additional protective measures or specific recommendations for your region.