Chelsea Andreas Christensen is ready to extend his contract

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Chelsea Danish centre-back Andreas Christensen is ready to extend his contract. That the current contract is about to expire at the end of this season

According to The Sun, They are facing an end to Christensen’s new contract with the Danish defender. Ready to sign a new contract that will extend the period. He will receive an increase in wages from the current contract as well.

Christensen’s current contract earns around £78,000 a week. While the new contract Chelsea offers at £120,000 per week. It is an offer that the 25-year-old defender is satisfied and ready to accept the contract. because it is higher than what was previously offered.

Chelsea Andreas Christensen is ready to extend his contract

For Christensen, Chelsea was pulled from Brondby to instill in the youth team since 2012 after stepping up to play for the first team.  And Sent to rejuvenate with Borussia Monchengladbach for two seasons.  Then came back as the main player who have played a total of 133 games including all.

“I have shown that I have been at Chelsea for a long time, now it may be my ninth or 10th year at Stamford Bridge,” Chritensen said as quoted by the ufabet club’s official website.

“I never had any doubts about the decision to join Chelsea. I’ve been here for a long time. Even I accept the fact that sometimes clubs change managers, sometimes it makes it difficult for players to secure a place in the squad,” he added.

“At the moment there is still no talk about a contract extension, but like what was said before. I am here for a long time. Chelsea is the second home. Yes, Denmark will always be home, but Chelsea will always be a special place. , “explained the 25-year-old player.