Laporta reveals 20 lawsuits filed against Barca’s reputation.

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Joan Laporta has confirmed that Barcelona have filed 20 lawsuits against people who tarnished the club’s reputation with false evidence.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed that. Azul Grana have filed 20 lawsuits against those who discredited the club for attacking Azul Grana with false assumptions. Following allegations of corruption against Negreira. According to a report from Derio Sport on Monday. 

Barcelona were accused of paying €7.5m to former vice-president of the referees Enriquez Negreira for insights and even match fixing. But Laporta has denied the allegations. Such Ready to confirm that the Azul Grana team has nothing to do with this matter. 

In addition to denying the allegations. Laporta has hit back at Real Madrid, La Liga president Javier Tebas and all entities that have accused the Azulgrana team. It is confirmed that the club has filed 20 lawsuits for defamation as well UFABET

‘We have already filed 20 lawsuits against people who have discredited the Club. They are not just journalists. But the one who attacked Barca with the wrong assumptions.’ said Laporta.

Laporta further disclosed that damages may be imposed for defamation of the club. And confirmation of 20 lawsuits is a move within the club’s rights and there is the possibility of further litigation at the end of the season.