Milan is not discouraged pulling the Sven Botman again.

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AC Milan are trying to negotiate a deal for Lille defender Sven Botman again. Although in the past it has received a bad response.

The Red Devils are looking for a new centre-half to assist in the second half of the season. Because in the past the club has encounter a problem with Simon Kear. The main injury and need to rest for a long time.UFABET

Sportitalia reporter Rudy Galetti has revealed that. Milan are still refusing to give up talks for Sven Botman. Because the Rossoneri have made an appointment with the Lille director to sit. to find a solution in this regard.

Even in the past, Dog badge refused to let the 21-year-old defender leave the club. And there has been a controversy from Newcastle, but the Red Devils are still trying to hope to convince Lille to soften it up.

The report states that Paolo Maldini wants Botman to join the team because he sees him as a defender who will fill in and help strengthen the defense.

The Dutch defender is contracted to Lille until mid 2025, with the French club adamant that he wants to keep his players.

Sven Botman’s name has been featured in newspapers and sports news websites across Europe for the past half year. After referred to as a target for the reinforcements of Manchester United and Liverpool last season. Before choosing to stay with Lille until they were able to lead the team to win the league championship that was beyond expectation.