Owen is impressed the performance of Liverpool Curtis Jones

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BT Sport analyst Michael Owen is impressed with the performance of Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones. He is who has a direct-indirect part with four goals in the Champions League game, defeating Porto 5-1 yesterday, plus support. To stick to the main body of the team for a long time

Jones started the game two after the weekend’s 3-3 draw against Brentford, scoring one, and coming in at the Estadio do Dragao, two assists. cyst and then set up 2 more doors. 

Owen is impressed the performance of Liverpool Curtis Jones

Form in the eye like this, ‘Reds’ alumni like Owen are very pleased. Supporting the end for this Scouser boy to tie a pinto to be a match for team manager Jurgen Klopp. 

“I’m 100 per cent sure he can compete for the title with Naby Keita or Thiago Alcantara, wai. Look, first of all, Havey Elliott was even given the opportunity to do so. go Currently, another 1-2 falls.” The former shooting star, nicknamed ‘Baby Gold’, dropped the word.

Owen is impressed the performance of Liverpool Curtis Jones

“Jordan Hender just mentioned Jones that he was always with the team. Around and around. We can play some on occasion. It’s just the right time to break through the gaps to stand for a long time as a user for a long time.” 

“Although maybe the situation with two or three injuries would allow that guy to be picked on the real path. Which, when you take the opportunity. Should be able to produce results like last night. share with four out of five goals.” 

“Steve McManaman had told me a long time ago that Curtis Jones would play better in attacking positions. But last night’s performance proved that he was equally good in midfield.” 

“When you grew up from a youth team, playing in the forwards, you’ve scored a lot of goals.”

“Last night, there may not be a name to break the net, but part with four out of five doors It is also an impressive achievement.” 

The 20-year-old originally played three of the top attacking players when he was in the U23s. Until Klopp saw his vision of making the game so he withdrew to the left-midfield, a 4-3-3 system.