Revealed that Luka Modric ran the most of the royal game.

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Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric became the player with the most distance in the game. As the team beat Paris Saint-Germain and reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League that satisfies fans.

Real Madrid qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. After scoring three goals in the second-half by Karim Benzema in the second-half to win Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 on aggregate. 3-2 in the Santiago Bernabeu game on Wednesday.

Aside from Benzema’s hat-trick, veteran midfielder Luka Modric is another player in the White King. Who has outstanding performance and runs the most distance in the team.

The 36-year-old played 90 minutes before running a total distance of 10.54 km, while the other teammate who ran the most UFABET was Federico Valverde, who ran 10.17 km, equal to Karim Ben. sema 

The player running the most on the pitch was Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti, who ran 11.40 kilometers.

    Luka Modric started playing for the youth team from 2002-2003, playing for Dinamo Zagreb for a year. Then stepped onto the stage of professional football in 2002-2008 for five years with Dinamo Zagreb, between 2003-2004 was loaned to Zrinjski Mostar and a year later. In the years 2018 -2012 moved into the team with the famous Real Madrid team.

Then 2018 -2012 moved into the team with Real Madrid It gives a sense of the season and being a player that helps Real Madrid to be successful and to be an important player of the club. and also receive an award that guarantees the ability and skill of playing as an award The best midfielder in 2016 and 2017