The world’s biggest macth Italy and Argentina

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Football fans get ready to watch the world’s biggest football games again. When it was announced that Euro champions Italy will face Copa America champions Argentina in June 2022.

The official news has come out. After weeks of talks and Conmebol has confirmed that a match between Argentina and Italy will take place.

The venue of the race has not been confirmed. But the meeting between the European champions And the South American Championship will take place next summer.

“This tournament is part of an expanded partnership between Gonmebol and UEFA,” Gonmebol said in a press release.

“It also includes women’s football, futsal and youth. Which will be the exchange of judges and technical training programs”

“The agreement currently reached by the two organizations encompasses three generations of competition between their own continental winners and also set up a joint office in London. It will be responsible for coordinating various projects that are mutually beneficial”